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Top 10 Places for Men‘s Grooming in Dublin

Top 10 Places for Men‘s Grooming in Dublin

The current trend among men of this century is elegance in looks, which is a combination of a good beard and a tidy haircut. 

A man ‘s confidence is mostly boosted when he steps out of his home with a sense of glamour as to his looks coupled with the compliments and admirations from persons he comes across; this is what men’s grooming is geared towards. 

The sole goal of men’s grooming is to provide the most proficient care and treatments to men’s hair with a high sense of utmost dexterity, skillfulness and professionalism.

Below is a list top 10 places in the capital of Ireland (Dublin) where a trial or a first visit will not only convince you but will wow you:

  1. CUT & SEW

Address: 4, crow street, D2, Dublin.

This place is astonishing and smashing when it comes to men’s grooming. They offer all sorts of tunes, so if you like tunes and a good haircut, this is a perfect choice and place for you to explore optimally as it is known to have the best styles and swags. View Profile


Address: 12, Johnson ‘s court, D2, Dublin.

This edifice was set up by a renowned Dublin stylist, Emmett Bryne. This place provides grooming services to the Irish Rugby Team who obviously looks exceptional anytime they step out onto the pitch in front of thousands of fans and television cameras weekly.


Address: 28, Ormond Quay Lower, D1, Dublin.

This place offers all the necessary treatments from styled haircuts, classic haircuts, hair colouring and hot towel shaves. They are very reputable; as they have 5 locations across the city, meaning every lad in the city must have at one point visited this place. View Profile


Address: 13, Westmoreland street, Dublin.

This barber shop has been described by some Irish citizens as the best in Dublin as it offers proper haircuts, beard trims, hot-towel scalp massage, hot towel shaves and maintaining traditional standards and décor since it inception. This is one of the sure places to explore.


Address: 16, William street south D2, Dublin.

This place was a one time winner of Irish times award as the best barbershop in Ireland. It is located in the heart of the city centre as the Dublin’s first Grooming Emporium dedicated exclusively to men. It offers classic barbering services as well as a variety of other treatments in a very comfortable atmosphere where client can relax and feel refreshed.


Address: 15, Wellington Quay D2, Dublin

This place has enough packed into it, it makes you stay for hours and hours which include: tattoo parlour, coffee shop, and barber in one. A bizarre combination of products but somehow it works.


Address: 24, Stephen Street, Lower, Dublin.

This place is known for its interior, nice staff, and books on tap. It’s a perfect option if you like to mix it up and bit with premium service in men’s grooming.


Address: Coldriona court, Main Street, Swords, Dublin.

This place is known for cheap and fresh haircuts with a wide range of loyal followers. If you are looking for testimonials, you can check up their instagram page as you will be amazed to see tonnes of photos of customers’ styles.


Address: Unit 3, The Granary, Temple Bar, D2, Dublin.

This place is tailor-made for the modern man. It is so trendy that they have seats made from pallets. They are super active on social media and there is a real sense of community on their facebook timeline.

  1. GMALE

Address: 73, Ranelagh village, Ranelagh, D6.

This place is a host to highly professional staff and barbers with a modern and latest twist. They offer complimentary beers and live sports while you get groomed.

In the words of Jim Morrison, I quote “ someoftheworstmistakesinmylifewere haircuts”. So to avoid making same, take a time out to explore the men’s grooming theatres listed above and you will be glad you did.

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