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Top 10 Hotels in Dublin

We’ve all heard of the Irish welcome. Whether you’re staying in a luxury hotel or a boutique hostel, you can expect friendly chatter and a warm welcome. That, and lots of opinions of where you should go for your first pint. And when it comes to hotels, Dublin plays to its strengths quite well. So, to help you decide where to go exactly, we have put together a list of the top 10 hotels in Dublin, and we hope you find it helpful.

1. The Alex Hotel

Built into the building, which used to be a train station, The Alex offers a unique mix of luxury and quirkiness. The airy lobby is also host to a co-working space where visitors and passersby can work, surrounded by elegant decorations and forest-green marble tables. The Alex is a perfect place to stay for newcomers to Dublin, and those who are planning on staying in Ireland permanently may find this is the place to stay while thinking about how to find a job after moving to Ireland.

2. The Marker Hotel

Dublin’s Docklands is also known as the Silicon Docks by the locals. This is because the European headquarters of Google, Airbnb, and Facebook are all in this district. However, the unofficial landmark in the district is the Marker Hotel, a sleek, geometric building in the middle of Grand Canal Square. It has a very hip vibe from top to bottom. You will always find people having drinks in the atrium, and the rooftop bar is very lively on sunny days.

3. Number 31

Among the top 10 hotels in Dublin is a rather quaint boutique hotel in a very unassuming location. Number 31 is a property that goes entirely under the radar. It consists of a lovely Georgian townhouse and a modernist mews linked by a beautiful private garden. The hotel is quite famous for its breakfast, as it continues to win awards frequently. The breakfast is served family-style at a communal table and consists of several fantastic fresh bread types and cooked-to-order classics. A stay in this hotel may nudge you to stay in Ireland. And if you want to make Ireland your home, remember to prepare properly for the international move. Going from the US to Ireland can be difficult, so prepare well and remember to hire only the most reliable and experienced movers to get you there.

4. The Westbury

The Westbury is a hotel that follows the definition of grandeur to a fault. From the moment you step into the hotel and walk up the grand stairs at the entrance, it’s hard not to be impressed. Every detail, from the luxurious furniture to the immaculate menu the hotel offers, everything in the Westbury is nothing less than perfect.

5. Generator Dublin

Smithfield is generally considered one of the coolest areas in the entire city. And the area around the center of Smithfield has recently undergone a complete makeover. The luxury Generator hostel chose this area because of this exact reason. The site matches the hip aesthetic of the hostel perfectly, so it was a perfect fit for their location in Dublin. The hostel is home to a massively social bar that spans the entirety of the building, which is terrific for making new friends.

6. The Iveagh Garden Hotel

Since it opened in 2018, this hotel has attracted many online personalities, such as Instagrammers. The chic interior, combined with an interesting wallpaper design spread throughout the building, makes it perfect for taking pictures. It features rooms with a classic Georgian style touched up with modern details. It is the ideal place to relax while thinking about the top 10 spots for picnics in Dublin you should visit.

7. Fitzwilliam hotel Dublin

The Fitzwilliam Hotel in Dublin makes the list of the top 10 hotels in Dublin because of its incredible style and pizazz. It’s a hotel that will stop at pretty much nothing to please its guests, and it does so in style. Everything, from the airy lobby to the bar tucked away in the back, is made to please visitors.

8. InterContinental Dublin

Previously known as the Four Seasons Hotel, the InterContinental Dublin is tucked away in a leafy, quaint, and well-to-do district called Ballsbridge. The crystal chandeliers and swaths of marble tell you that this is a very luxurious hotel from the moment you step inside. The Lobby Lounge is a popular spot for the well-off to relax with a glass of wine. And you experience this as well at the InterContinental Dublin.

9. Conrad Dublin

If you’re a fan of nature and music, you’ll be glad to know that the Conrad Dublin hotel is across the way from the National Concert Hall and only a few minutes’ walk away from the most beautiful parks in Dublin. Besides the beautiful location, this hotel also offers a dreamy stay to any of its visitors.

10. Kelly’s Hotel Dublin

Even among Dubliners, Kelly’s Hotel is still a bit of a secret. Found on bustling South Great George’s Street, the hotel mixes a rustic red-brick charm with modern touches. This gives the hotel a unique feel and makes it a good choice if you want an unforgettable experience.

Top 10 hotels in Dublin – conclusion

Dublin has a lot of beautiful hotels to offer. From unique and quirky to quaint and luxurious, there is an experience to suit everyone’s tastes. We hope you found this list of the top 10 hotels in Dublin helpful, and we wish you a good stay.

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