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The Best Yoga Classes in Dublin

The Best Yoga Classes in Dublin

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  1. Dublin Wellness Centre

The Dublin Wellness Centre is an amazing city centre studio offering some of the most talented & experienced Yoga Teachers in Dublin.

Yoga Mats are provided, Lockers, changing rooms, showers and everything else you need.

Get to this calm and relaxing oasis in the heart of Dublin City. It’s a perfect retreat for practicing Yoga. View Profile

  1. The YogaHub

The YogaHub is a modern, welcoming studio, with fresh and challenging yoga classes, YogaHub is a space to work you out, open you up and let you relax. Friendly teachers are creative, caring and fun; they have classes for everyone – from beginner to advanced practitioners. View Profile

  1. The Dublin Buddhist Centre

The Dublin Buddhist Centre is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, a network of women and men from around the world who are engaged in the collective creation of Buddhist practice that is rooted in the Buddha’s teaching and example, yet relevant and effective in today’s world.

The Dublin Buddhist Centre lies at the heart of Dublin and is a place where friends from their Community get together. It is where they meet to learn about and practise Buddhism, meditation and yoga, and where they introduce these practices to newcomers.

  1. Yoga Kitchen

The Yoga Kitchen is a modern community studio based in the beating heart of Dublin 8. Since 2018, they have been creating and cultivating a home for your practice to grow and flourish. 

It is their aim to nurture the practice of Yoga both on and off the mat, connecting to our body, breath and heart – and also to the world around us.

Their amazing team of teachers are what make the space, guiding each class with kindness, care and passion for the practice of Yoga. We look forward to welcoming you in. View Profile

  1. Samadhi Yoga

Samadhi Yoga Dublin is a haven of stillness, sitting in a tranquil green courtyard in Temple Bar, offering serious yoga with the best of Dublin’s yoga teachers. Enter the welcoming stillness of Samadhi and explore the joy of practicing real and authentic yoga. View Profile

  1. Dublin City Hot Yoga

They specialise in hot yoga, yoga practiced in the heat. Practising hot yoga is a wonderful way to get your body to sweat and get rid of toxins, as well as stretching your muscles more intensely and safely with the added heat. And, nothing quite beats the feeling of stepping into the heated room! View Profile

  1. The elbowroom

The elbowroom is Dublin’s unique urban retreat that helps you heal, restore and achieve optimum health with Yoga and Pilates. Their team of therapists and instructors firmly believe everybody deserves effective and affordable wellbeing services for both mind and body. They have matured according to the needs of our clients and the community. Our services are inclusive of age, ability or personal circumstance. View Profile

  1. Barefoot Yoga Studio

A modern studio in West Dublin with a welcoming community feel and a wide variety of classes. Whether your goal is to work out, tone up or simply relax and unwind, they have a class for you!

Embrace this lovely space and enjoy the feeling of encouragement and ease you feel from the first class. A very warm, welcoming environment for all! View Profile

  1. Boss Hot Yoga

Their classes are chosen and designed to give their practitioners the ultimate blend of strength and flexibility for body and mind. There are six classes suitable for beginners, the remaining five for intermediate to advanced level practitioners. Their studio is fitted with state of the art Zebra flooring especially designed for hot yoga and is perfect for shoulder rolls, arm balances and head stands thanks to its shock-absorbing soft padding that is lacking in carpet and hardwood flooring. View Profile

  1.  Hot Yoga Dublin

Two sisters established a beautiful, spacious fun loving community space for members to grow through yoga, pilates and mindfulness. Their philosophy is simple, to teach yoga, to assist you in being open in both body & mind, to help you see your strengths, to help you find your inner spark, to help you become flexible in your life – both your body & mind. View Profile

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