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Moving to Dublin from the US: How to Prepare

Dublin is a beautiful and rainy capital city of Ireland. It is well known for its beer, cheerful crowds, and passionate people. Moving to Dublin from the US, however, is proven to be tough. US citizens often find themselves in a tight spot when trying to move to Dublin for various reasons. Most of them are job-related issues, which require some hard and tedious paperwork. Before starting the process, however, it is in your best interest to make plans for your journey, so you can move through the process more easily. Here are some pointers on how to prepare when moving to Dublin from the US.

Making plans when moving to Dublin from the US

First of all, let us tackle the most important issue of relocation: making plans. It can sound dull, but having a solid plan and knowing some things in advance can save you a lot of time and money. Putting down all things that matter to pen and paper is a good way to start. Before actually heading out to Dublin, there are certain things you need to address:

  • Purpose of relocation
  • Funds
  • List of jobs and appliances
  • Documentation
  • Custom regulations

These are just some of the crucial points that need to be addressed or looked into before starting to move. 

Finding a job in Dublin

Let’s face the facts, finding a job as a US citizen in Dublin will be tough. This is mostly due to the fact that you are competing with many people not only from Ireland but from the European Union as well. This can prove to be a tall order since employers are, most of the time, more eager to enlist people from their own country or EU. Finding a job after arriving in Ireland is preferable since all employers are looking for direct contact. This is mostly due to Irish culture and the way they perceive communication as a whole. If you are applying for a working visa, you must have a job. This is why going straight to Dublin and looking for a job is a good idea. Don’t be discouraged, though, because there are plenty of jobs available. If you can’t find the right one straight away, don’t worry, a good opportunity will present itself in the process.

Dublin is expensive

When talking about expenditure, Dublin and the whole of Ireland, in fact, is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Known for its high prices in almost any field, Ireland competes with Norway for the title of the most expensive country. According to movingtransparent.com, finding a suitable location to live in can prove to be hard. It is not only the high price of the accommodation that is in question but also the availability of it. Food prices are also very high compared to other EU countries. When coming to Ireland, it is recommended to have a solid budget in order to have an easier time in the beginning.

Moving to Dublin from the US to study

If you are looking to study abroad, Dublin might be a good location for you. Dublin offers much to old students and also new ones. Its wide range of faculties can satisfy the needs of every student thirsty for knowledge. The Irish government also has some quite impressive options for students coming from abroad in terms of applications and scholarships. On top of that, Ireland is a beautiful country to explore, and Dublin is the center of it. Many students opt-in to go there to experience a different feel of Europe. Overall, Dublin has much to offer to any student brave enough to go there.

Moving your belongings to Dublin from the US

Moving from the US to Dublin is a tough but also a fun experience. One that will require a lot of your time and energy to accomplish. It would be in your best interest to seek help from experts in the field. These professionals can help you with everything you need to move your belongings from the US to Europe. They can also help with packing, which can be an issue. When engaging in packing, it is always a good solution to downsize. Downsizing your belongings to a minimum not only unburdens you but leaves you more time to address other important issues. Hiring a helping hand in this matter saves you much-needed time and money in the process.

Other advice on how to prepare when moving to Dublin

Ireland is well known for its moody weather. Constant rains and floods are normal occurrences. Packing umbrellas and raincoats are a must when coming to Ireland. When in Dublin, acquiring an Irish phone number can be crucial. Not only will you be charged less, but you will also increase the chances of being hired when applying for a job. As employers usually do not accept foreign employees, having a domestic number can be a game changer for you. One of the funny and exciting things is that you need to be prepared to drink. Known for their excessive alcohol use, Irish people drink on all occasions, whether casual or otherwise. Part of their charm and culture revolves around whiskey and drinks in general. Just try not to overdo it. Lastly, when moving to Ireland, it would be a waste of good effort if you don’t go and visit the country. Ireland has a lot to offer, be you a student, retired or family man. 

Moving to Dublin from the US is a fun but tough experience. Preparation can save you a lot of time, money, and energy. Knowing some of the customs and the way things work can ease your moving process. Although finding a job may prove to be difficult, being present in Dublin can really help you out. Though Dublin is expensive, it provides a lot for everybody to enjoy, regardless of age. Just don’t forget to bring your raincoats and umbrellas.