First Choice Vasectomy

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First Choice Vasectomy began in 2014 to offer as many people as possible the choice of reliable family planning. First Choice has worked to increase awareness and broaden access to vasectomy as an option for families. By bringing Vasectomy to more people, First Choice has helped many hundreds of families around Ireland.

At a certain time in life, an individual or a couple may want a more permanent family planning solution. For many, vasectomy is the right fit, giving peace of mind and freedom in the next stage of life.

Vasectomy closes the tube that delivers sperm into the ejaculate. So, post-vasectomy, a man will still have erections and ejaculate, but his semen will no longer contain sperm. Instead, the sperm that is produced will be absorbed back into the body.

Their team performs a no scalpel, keyhole procedure – a minimally invasive technique which while a little uncomfortable, is virtually pain-free and produces almost no bleeding. Bruising and lacerations are reduced with this technique, so recovery is minimal.

Phone Number:

01 6686 990


4 Bath Avenue, Beggar’s Bush, Sandymount, Dublin, Ireland, D04 V8N8

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