Bavora Printed Packaging Co., Ltd

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Bavora Full Color Printing Co., Ltd paper bag manufacturer which provides an extensive range of Custom Full-Color Printing,

Custom Paper Packaging, Custom Shopping Bags, Custom Printed Bubble Mailers, Custom Stickers & Labels

– nearly 50 product types available. Our services include graphic design, full-color printing,

packaging solutions, etc.

Guaranteed by a complete set of highly sophisticated equipment and the implementation ofthe strict

monitoring system,China Bavora Full Color Printing Co., Ltd never stops to offer best

products,service to clients,we win a lot of reputation not only for good service experience,but also

for competitive price.

China Bavora Full Color Printing Co., Ltd is your best partner in cooperation,so don’t

hesitate,contact us,we are pleased to answer any of your enquiries,please view our website for

detailed information.


Athora Ireland plc, 2nd Floor, IFSC House, Custom House Quay, Dublin, D01 R2P9

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