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Like A Video And Get Paid

If you are on this page you may have been a victim of this new type of scam or are about to be scammed. If you haven’t been scammed already please read this article before investing your money. 

Mafalike, Mafa or Magda or any similar names as they keep changing their name frequently so it becomes a bit more difficult to identify them. 

This is a new type of  online investment like cyber scam, they would offer you a daily return on your investment in exchange for liking videos in some social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok.

Their financial and payment system works on the blockchain making it even more difficult to track them.

There have been hundreds of people in several countries victims of this new cyber crime,  the last incident happened on Monday the 21rt of June 2022. The criminal collected doucents of Euros from many people in Europe and some other countries like the Philippines and ran away with their funds. See some testimonials on some reputable websites regarding this incident like Reddit, Trustpilot

I want to reiterate that it does not matter what name they have, they are most likely the same company Mafa, Mafalike or Magda, there may be other names that I may be missing here they operate very similar. 

I can see some posts on social media from some people that manage to make profits. The key seems to be to enter the game early if you want to take the risk, make sure that you are not late to the game.

So, how does it work?

The App provides payment for completing tasks. The tasks are like and follow different posts of different social media. 

There is a set payment per task and also there is a max number of tasks you are allowed to complete per day. Here is the trick, in order to get paid you need to invest first. It’s a classic scheme. The more you invest the more you get paid for each task and the more tasks you can complete.

As I mentioned before, payments are processed in crypto so there is no way to reverse transactions.

The big problem: after one scam is done they start over with other people. They also create a new app that is the same as the first just to change the name and logo.

Name of the app: Mafalike. Another version with different name: LikeNow or Magda

You can take a look at the Magda App here on this link.

Madga invitation code: 97020651

I’m also aware that even after knowing that this type of app or investments are very risky some people will still take the risk and try them so I will do my best to keep this article up to date with the new App and the links to download them, I will also post here the invite code if I have them. 

Feel free to make any comments or share this article with anyone you think may need to become aware of what they are doing before investing their money.