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Is It Easy to Do Business in Ireland?

Is It Easy to Do Business in Ireland?

Is It Easy to Do Business in Ireland?

As per the TMF Group’s Global Benchmark Complexity Index, Ireland is the ninth easiest country if you’re looking to start your business there.

Ireland is placed 70th out of 77 nations regarding ease of doing business, making it easier than nations such as El Salvador, the US, UK, Jamaica, the Netherlands, etc. 

It’s no wonder that the Irish government fosters a pro-business climate by enacting regulations and laws that make the nation attractive to a wide range of enterprises.

Ireland is home to 16 of the top 20 worldwide technology companies. In addition, 24 of the 25 pharma and biotechnology firms in Ireland have sustainable businesses.

Moreover, what factors make conducting business in Ireland so enticing to international businesses and multinationals? Let’s figure it out!

Why Ireland?

Ireland’s significant advantage is that this is an English-speaking society. Furthermore, it possesses an excellent transportation connection, political and legislative structures comparable to those in the UK, an affluent consumer marketplace, an expanding economy, and a favorable impression of Britain’s products and services.

In 2018, its GDP growth rate was 5.1 percent, making it among the strongest performers in the European Union. So, it’s pretty apparent why business corporations from all across would be interested in setting up their businesses in Ireland.

7 Major Business Sectors in Ireland

Sanitization Services

Ireland’s janitorial business is growing. The cleaning business in Ireland generates millions of dollars in revenue each year. Commercial and domestic cleaning are the two segments of the cleaning industry.

Business Consulting

Ireland’s industry is recognized for being business-friendly. Skilled professionals, such as events and wedding planner professionals, judicial and will drafting facilitators, human resource recruiters, IT industrialists, and human resources, are growing Ireland’s market.


If you have undeveloped property, agriculture may be the most excellent option for beginners in Ireland. The country is recognized across the globe for its fresh fruit and veggies. Therefore vegetable exports from Ireland may be worth investigating.


In Ireland, brick-and-mortar businesses are becoming outdated, and consumers are increasingly purchasing goods via the internet. If you have a unique selling point for your items, you must contemplate conducting business on the internet.


In Ireland, athletics is a lucrative sector. Sport is a field worthy of consideration for business since most of their population likes playing cricket and football.  There are individuals in Ireland that are seeking methods to unwind and enjoy their free time. Some are combating overweight and spending gazillion at gyms. As a result, sport is a field in which conducting businesses in Ireland is a viable option.

Life Sciences

Medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology are among the items that Ireland sells for a total of €45 billion per year. They employ approximately 50,000 individuals across the United States. Ireland has attracted global corporations as well as creative start-ups.

ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

Ireland is the world’s second-largest supplier of computers and IT products, with yearly shipments totaling €57 billion. Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel are all global giants with long-standing businesses in Ireland.

Reasons to Do Business in Ireland

·         Excellent Track Record

Due to the productivity and growth of their Irish businesses, over 1,000 international firms are constantly expanding their operations in Ireland. Ireland also provides businesses with unrestricted access to Europe’s 500 million customers.

·         Technology

Ireland seems to have a long-standing experience of scientific and technical accomplishments, and it plans to expand in its scientific and innovation skills. Several big technical businesses are investing in building network infrastructure in Ireland as one of the most recent pieces of evidence of how Ireland is a continuous model of excellence for innovation.

·         Attractive Holding Company Regime

Ireland’s favorable financial, administrative, and legislative framework, along with a friendly and inclusive economic landscape, has made it a world-class site for many multinational businesses’ operations.

·         Skilled Labor Available

Ireland’s personnel are youthful, versatile, adaptive, and dynamic. Ireland has long been famous as a center of higher learning.

·         Relief for Staff Coming from Abroad

The Special Assignee Relief Program is among the most important benefits for workers allocated from other countries. SARP exempts workers hired to work in Ireland from paying income tax on a portion of their earnings. This may be a critical consideration when it comes to formulating a presence in Ireland because it makes it easier for essential people to relocate.

·         Low Corporation Tax

Ireland has one of the cheapest “onshore” regulatory, corporate tax rates globally, at 12.5 percent on trade revenue. This is crucial to clarify that Ireland’s Corporate Tax Rate is not a bonus program; instead, the regular tax percentage applies to all operating businesses in any field or industry.

How to Start a Business in Ireland?

Now that we know you are highly interested in starting your business in Ireland, you also need a strategic approach to fulfill your dream. According to our experience and research over the years, this is how you should go about it:

  • Write your business plan (your skills, preferable niche, pitch, long-term and short-term plans, and contact/suppliers to begin with)
  • Lay down your by-laws and a business structure that abides by the Irish constitution and laws.
  • You should then choose a location for your business. Limerick, Galway, and Cork are some of the most popular Irish places for businesses.
  • File with the CRO (Companies Registration Office) to register everything about your business.
  • Now you will be required to open up your business bank account to present your funds and planning for moving forward.
  • You will have to obtain a company seal that involves getting your documents stamped by the Board of Directors and other authoritative parties.
  • Next, register yourself with the Revenue Commissioners.

Final Thoughts

Is it Easy to Do Business in Ireland? Absolutely! Ireland provides a stable, pro-business climate in a moment of international economic and financial turmoil. It is an excellent place for firms to set up a foundation in the EU to develop and thrive their operations.

Ireland offers you a myriad of opportunities in various industrial sectors. Not only are the rules and regulations flexible to help set up the businesses, but there is a great emphasis on environmental-friendly practices too.