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How to Find the Perfect Office Space in Dublin

Dublin is, all in all, one of the best places in Ireland to do business. The city is widely accepted as the economic center of Ireland, and it shows. It’s a hub for industry, education, and business and is constantly becoming more and more important in Ireland overall. If you plan to do any business in Ireland, you should have your eyes on Dublin. However, finding the right office for your business can be difficult. In order to help you figure out the office for you, we have put together a list of tips on how to find the perfect office space in Dublin, and we hope you find it helpful.

Location matters

The first thing to consider when looking for office space in Dublin is location. Is it close to public transport, cafes and other such things? Is the office near other businesses which could be a competition? And, most importantly, is the office accessible to your employees? Of course, an office that is close to everything will cost more to rent out, but all in all, it’s generally worth it. Being accessible to your team and having cafes nearby for them to de-stress is helpful for productivity, and business partners tend to be invaluable, especially when just starting out. Really, with a good office, all you really need to consider is what the best business opportunities in Ireland are. However, you should consider the price too, as office space in Dublin is 59 euros per square foot on average. Think about all of this carefully before making any decisions.

Think about office amenities

When considering an office lease, you should always ask about office-related amenities included in it first. This includes Wi-Fi, a kitchen, parking space, meeting rooms, cleaning, storage, etc. Needless to say, all of these are very important for a business, no matter what kind of business you run. Additionally, carefully consider the size of the office before renting it. Office space in Dublin is more expensive than in the rest of Ireland, so you don’t want to pay for space you aren’t using. Also, take the time to familiarize yourself with the floor plan beforehand. This is so you can plan your setup beforehand, which is important since moving into an office can get complicated. And setting up an office after moving as quickly as possible is vital for your business, so you’ll want to have everything ready ahead of time if you want to start working quickly.

Lease length

Again, office space in Dublin is more expensive than elsewhere in Ireland. Because of this, you need to carefully consider how long you want to rent the office. This is particularly important if you’re just starting out your business because you can’t know how much profit you’ll be pulling. Settling for a lengthy lease when you’re unsure if you can pay it is a recipe for disaster. Additionally, if your business gets popular quickly, you might have to quickly expand to a larger office. And if you sign a lengthy lease, you’d have to pay for two offices at the same time. So, in order to stay as adaptable as possible, settle for short-term leases at first. Doing business in Ireland can be extremely profitable, so flexibility is very important for new businesses. Missing out on good opportunities because you committed to a long lease would be a big mistake.

Consider the landlord

Ending up with a bad landlord is just as bad for businesses as it is for residents. A bad landlord won’t just make life miserable for you and your employees; they can ruin your business as well. The last thing you want is for something vital to stop working in the office and the landlord to never get it fixed or, even worse, blame it on you. So, when considering an office, make sure to carefully look into the landlord as well. In order for your business to properly function, you’ll need a functional office, after all. Once you do track down an office, though, you need to plan ahead for moving into it. How will you get your equipment delivered, and when would be the best time to relocate a business? Summer might be perfect if you want to get set up quickly, but other seasons have their merits too.

Consider the neighborhood

We already touched on location earlier; however certain neighborhoods in Dublin are better for different types of businesses. For example, neighborhoods in the Docklands are more suited to digital, finance, and legal businesses. On the other hand, Dublin Central is a much better choice for businesses dealing in shopping. West Dublin is a great choice for accessibility, as it has a very easy commute, and North Dublin is a great choice if you want to be close to the airport. When it comes to top neighborhoods for small businesses in Dublin, there are many choices. Make sure to consider all of them carefully before making a decision. After all, setting up in a good neighborhood for your type of business can make your life much easier in the long run. And when you’re just starting out, every little bit of advantage you can get is a good thing.

How to find the perfect office space in Dublin–closing thoughts

Doing business in Dublin is a great call, as the city has been recognized as the best place for business in Ireland for a very long time now. However, this also means that finding office space can get difficult since it’s also more expensive compared to the rest of the country. Thankfully, there are ways to narrow down the perfect office for your needs. We hope this guide on how to find the perfect office space in Dublin helps you find the right office for your business, and we wish you a good day.