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6 Reasons Why Digital Nomads Love Dublin

The digital age allowed people the freedom to work remotely. Nowadays, people can live, work and travel at the same time. Modern digital nomads aren’t like classical tourists, and they don’t change their locations often. However, some challenges come with that lifestyle, which can be tough to overcome. One of the most difficult decisions is selecting a city to start your digital nomadic life; that is why Local Trades prepared 6 Reasons Why Digital Nomads Love Dublin.

How to overcome potential challenges when moving to Dublin

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland, famous for the widest street in Europe and many other tourist attractions. Dublin is very popular in the digital nomads’ community, which is why so many people with online jobs have decided to call it their home. The city is home to a wide range of different nationalities. Dublin and Dubliners love the diversity and welcome everyone with open arms and acceptance. However, as with any relocation, there can be many potential challenges when moving to Dublin. Before moving, it is always good to be informed about the city and its inhabitants. There are many easy ways to learn about secret hideouts where Dubliners love to spend their time, although since Dubliners are very open, you can ask for tips.

Before coming to Dublin, you should:

  • check your documents
  • rent a place to stay
  • plan your travel
  • prepare for Ireland’s weather conditions

There are many different reasons why digital nomads love Dublin, but here are our top 6 reasons:

1.     Safety is one of the reasons digital nomads love Dublin

Moving outside of your comfort zone can be very challenging, especially when moving to an unknown city. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is safety. Thankfully, if you have chosen Dublin for your nomadic life, there is no worry for you. According to the experts, Ireland is the third most peaceful country in the world. On your first visit, you will probably take standard tourist paths that are entirely safe. After a while, you will start looking around and visiting places where local people go and get to enjoy the hidden secrets this city has to offer

2.     The Irish people and Dubliners 

Dublin has its own unique and inviting characteristics which mainly stem from the local people. Dubliners are very friendly and are always looking for a way to help you. When you come to Dublin, you will instantly become accepted as part of the community. There are many different nationalities living and working in Dublin, making the city particularly interesting for digital nomads. The main ingredients in Dublin’s multicultural juncture are Polish, English, Romanian, Lithuanian, Brazilian, Italian, Indian, Spanish, American, and French citizens. If you are walking on the streets of Dublin, you will see that the proverbial Irish welcome is not a legend. On the other hand, if you get lost in the city, Dubliners will notice and stop to ask you where you are from and if you need help. Even in pubs, you will see that locals are very friendly and communicative.

Locals commonly approach you and start talking like you are their oldest friend. That is why the Irish people are considered one of the kindest people. This kind-heartedness can come in handy if you ever run into any problems. You’ll find that Irish people are incredibly welcoming to newcomers that have decided to make a long-distance move to Dublin, which can be handy if you need help to overcome potential challenges during the move. We are sure you’ll get settled quickly and feel at home in no time.

3.     Dublin has a rich history and culture

The city of Dublin was founded in 841 AD by Vikings, but the highest prosperity came during the 18th century. The old town architecture and city layouts are preserved and represent touristic attractions. Later history and the fight for independence are also seen in the architecture and culture of Dublin. The primary language in Ireland is English, which allows most digital nomads to adapt easily. Besides the English language, local people also speak the Irish language. The new cultural wave popular with youth is learning traditional Irish. Dublin has two popular radio stations that broadcast Irish Raidió Na Life and RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta.

Dublin is a contemporary and historical center of Irish arts and culture. Many world-famous writers, such as William Yeats, Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, and Jonathan Swift, lived and created in Dublin. With numerous libraries and literary museums present, there is no wonder why Dublin was named UNESCO City of literature. The two most visited literary places in Dublin are the National Print Museum of Ireland and the National Library of Ireland.

4.     Digital nomads love Dublin because of the Coffee Culture

The coffee culture has its special place in Dublin. The coffee history is very old in Dublin, with the first coffee house opened in the 17th century. Many digital nomads love to work from cafes, so Dublin is the perfect place for them. In 2008. Stephen Morrissey won the World Barista Championship, putting Dublin on the best coffee makers’ map. Consequently, Dublin has coffee shops and makers for everyone’s taste, so don’t wait and start exploring.

5.     Everything is green

In Ireland, you will see green color the most commonly in two places, in nature and as the Irish national color. Ireland’s climate preserved the natural green color of vegetation. Furthermore, green-colored landscapes are why Ireland is also known as Emerald Isle. The most famous Irish holiday is St. Patrick’s Day when everybody wears green. Irish people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day no matter where they are in the world; however, visiting Dublin for St. Paddy is genuinely magical.

6.     Night Life and Events

Dublin has a vibrant nightlife. When the night sets in, people almost immediately fill the pubs and nightclubs. Dublin is famous for its pubs, of which The Gravediggers, The Swan, McNeill’s, and the 250 years old Long Hall are the most famous. If you don’t find those pubs to your liking, there are more than 700 pubs for you to try. On the riverside, you will find Temple Bar, the most famous nightclub in Dublin.

You can find all year-long events and festivals in Dublin. The main Dublin festival is, of course, St. Patrick’s day. New Year’s Festival in Dublin is as interesting as St. Patrick’s day, with celebrations starting in the old and finishing in the new year, lasting three days. International Literature Festival, Festival of Curiosity, Ireland Music Week, Winter lights, and Christmas markets are some of the most popular and exciting events that cultural life in Dublin provides.

There is never a wrong time to start your digital nomad odyssey in Dublin. We hope we’ve convinced you that there are many reasons why digital nomads love Dublin. Just ask any Dubliner to help you to overcome potential challenges when you come to the city.

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