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Best business opportunities in Ireland

Best business opportunities in Ireland

Best business opportunities in Ireland

Ireland’s economy is continuously growing at a higher rate than the EU average. In recent years, many global companies expanded their business here. All of this is possible and supported by the Irish government’s commitment to business development. This kind of commitment has led to a well-developed infrastructure, an educated and skilled workforce, fair operating costs, and a favorable tax environment. With all of this said, you can be sure there are numerous business opportunities in Ireland.

So, if you’re thinking of starting a new business in Ireland, you’ve come to the right place. Stay tuned for our list of most profitable business ideas to start in Ireland.

The best business opportunities in Ireland

Six (out of 10) companies of the Forbes list of the world’s most innovative companies operate in Ireland. This means that Ireland is attracting numerous investments across a wide range of sectors. Therefore, doing business here will make it easy to find foreign business partners and make international partnerships. This way, you will be able to successfully start your business here and make it global.

Also, if you are worried about the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, don’t be. Ireland’s appetite for start-up companies hasn’t shown any signs of decreasing.

On the contrary, there are opportunities across all sectors here. So, here’s a list of the top business opportunities in Ireland.

Cleaning services

The sanitization services industry is currently thriving in Ireland. The cleaning industry is considered a stable, recession-proof profitable industry. Also, there is a variety of niche markets in this sector.

The two main categories are domestic and commercial cleaning. Consequently, you can focus on some of the following:

  • janitorial services for commercial facilities 
  • residential maid services
  • window washing
  • carpet cleaning
  • driveway brightening, etc.

Moreover, there’s an opportunity of buying a franchise from some of the following companies: Cleaning Doctor, PuriFry, Nationwide Cleaners, or Chem-Dry Ireland.

Business consulting

With Ireland being one of the most business-friendly countries in the World, starting a professional business consulting company is something worth considering.

Individuals and different businesses require professional services like Legal Services and Will Writing, IT solutions, Event Planning, Wedding Planning, workforce recruitingand so on.

Likewise, you can buy a franchise from Auditel, LMI, Antal International, and similar companies.

The food industry

The food and beverage industry is almost always a winner anytime and anywhere. Consequently, this sector is the one that dominates in Ireland. This is especially true because there are many sub-niches in it.

Two chefs preparing food.

The options here are endless. You can choose only to offer foreign cuisine, snacks, only coffee and ice cream, or a combination of choices. Ultimately, everything comes down to your capital and your preference. Also, the location you choose for your business in this field is of essential importance.

The sports industry

Sports and fitness-related business is a profitable industry. Moreover, recent data shows a massive increase in the number of people participating in sports and fitness-related business ventures and are showing great success.

You can manufacture sports accessories like balls, footballs, sports clothes or become a retailer of these and similar sports articles.

On the other hand, gyms have become a must for many people today, making them a good business opportunity. After a hectic workday, people seek relaxing and useful ways to spend their leisure time.


Construction is another type of business that’s currently booming in Ireland. If you are an engineer or have experience in the construction-related industry, this might be an excellent option for you.

On the other hand, if you are budget-limited, you should consider opening a real estate agency.

The automobile industry as one of the top business opportunities in Ireland

The automobile industry is currently growing at a good pace. So, if you have an appreciation for cars, starting a small automobile-related business can be a profitable option.

You could buy a franchise from Lock Doctor, Snap-on Tools, or Puncture Safe. On the other hand, you could look into opening a car dealership or a car servicing center. Some of the other ideas you could start with low investment are:

  • car valeting
  • tire repair
  • auto insurance sales and similar.

Information and Communication Technology

The ICT is one of the hottest selling sectors all across Europe. You can find an ICT product in almost every household. Additionally, the majority of businesses use ICT products in order to achieve their goals.

For that reason, there’s a growing need for ICT experts in Ireland. You could start a business that offers various ICT solutions.


If you own vacant land, farming would be a profitable opportunity for you. There is a huge demand for live animals, like poultry, and animal products like eggs, milk, and leather in Ireland and surrounding countries.

Furthermore, by investing in a farming business, you will not only cater to the Irish market but also the global one.

Clothing industry

The clothing industry is growing everywhere at an enormous pace. Thus, the same situation stands for Ireland.

This is a sector that caters both to the large local as well as the foreign market. For instance, opening a clothing boutique has massive potential on this side of the world.

Final thoughts on business opportunities in Ireland

Now you probably have a clear idea of different job industries that dominate in Ireland. It would be good to do your research on how to do your business before investing in it. Once you have all the knowledge and the means required, you can start your entrepreneurship journey. However, even though there are many business opportunities in Ireland, you need to make sure you work hard. By working hard and being creative in your business, there’s a huge possibility it will be profitable. Good luck!