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Best Boxing Clubs in Dublin

Best Boxing Clubs in Dublin


  1. Underdog Boxing Dublin

Underdog Boxing is a state of the art boxing & conditioning gym run by IABA certified boxing coaches and former boxers.

They deliver technical Boxing Courses for those who want to learn to box and train like professional boxers. They also deliver intensive high quality boxing fitness classes and conditioning classes.

Their team is a mix of certified boxing coaches who are currently competing boxers, qualified and experienced personal trainers and conditioning coaches.

  1. Smithfield Boxing Club

As one of the premier boxing clubs in Dublin, they have around 60 members in total ranging from children to people close to their 60s. However, because there are so many groups training at different times, the hall never gets too packed. They also have a decent coach to pupil ratio, meaning that no one gets neglected. No boxer/fitness enthusiast is ever thought of as taking up space in the club.

New members (male or female) are more than welcome to join anytime regardless of nationality, race, age, religious creed or ethnic background. View Profile

  1. Headon Boxing Academy

The Headon Boxing Academy specialises in running Charity and Beginner Boxing Events. All classes are coached in a fun, friendly and rewarding environment.

At the Headon Boxing Academy they offer group classes, one on one personal training and work alongside individuals to run Charity Fight Nights, an innovative and unique charity fundraising experience. View Profile

  1. Neil Bowman Training

Neil Bowman is a fun and educational place to learn boxing techniques whilst getting fit. Workouts will combine different boxing combinations with different exercises. You will finish each workout with a traditional boxing core workout.

Neil Bowman’s boxing classes in Dublin, are designed to burn calories, increase stamina and focus, in a non intimidating, fun, environment. The classes are suitable for men and women, beginners, Intermediate and advanced level fitness enthusiasts, both early morning and evening. View Profile

  1. Lucan Boxing Club

They offer a number of fitness classes in the evenings & throughout the week including PunchFit, Boxfit and Insanity. In the morning they work with private Clients providing one on one training using CrossFit, progressive weight training and some Padwork. Their Gym requires no joining fee. You can pay as you go or purchase discounted monthly passes from them! View Profile

  1. White Collar Boxing Ireland

White Collar Boxing has been shouting out the many benefits of boxing, long before the current fad of boutique style boxing studios took off. All of their coaches have real boxing experience, with hundreds of rounds & thousands of punches under their belts, both thrown & successfully defended.

They train their members starting with the basics & building from there, in a fun, friendly, safe environment (it’s not all work & no play). View Profile

  1. Cie Boxing Club

Cie BC is one of the Oldest known Clubs in Dublin. They popularly have a reputation for toughness. However their ethos of building strong tough fighters is not the only attribute they try to teach. With emphasis on respect, discipline, strength and giving back and helping others. Every kid may not become a boxing champion but every kid is a champion. View Profile

  1. St Saviours Olympic Boxing

St. Saviours remains one of Ireland’s most famous amateur boxing clubs, having produced some of the country’s greatest boxing champions  namely Stephen Collins, the WBO World Middleweight and Super Middleweight champion, and the late Darren Sutherland, Middleweight Bronze medallist in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing China. The Club was also the subject of a film made about  the club and its boxers, eponymously titled Saviours. View Profile

  1. Mick Dowling Boxing Conditioning

Train with the Irish Olympian & boxing legend Mick Dowling with his boxing conditioning classes involving punch bags, speed balls, cardio, weights and core work. All levels of abilities and experience catered for. Members of all ages are welcome! Try something new & get fitter and stronger! View Profile

  1. Spartan Boxing Club

They cater for all levels from Beginner to Advanced Starting right from the boxing basics such as stance, footwork and correct punching & defensive techniques right through to advanced drills and combinations that professional fighters every day. They also run sparring sessions for more advanced members. View Profile

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