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15 Things to do in Cork

15 Things to do in Cork

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  1. Visit Kinsale

Kinsale has always been one of County Cork’s most delightful towns. It is located about thirty minutes from Cork proper, this harbor town is a beautiful panorama of brightly colored houses along the city’s port. More than a pretty face, Kinsale also offers a satisfying mix of rich history, gorgeous nature, and excellent food. 

  1. Eat at the Farmgate Cafe

The Farmgate Cafe is a great small spot situated with views overlooking the English Market. It is split into two with one half being for regular meals on the patio and the other a bit more formal. The food is so tasty that it’s always busy and has a great atmosphere. Their soups and sandwiches are delicious so it’s an excellent spot for a good lunch. View Profile

  1. Hang around the Heart of Cork

Cork is less populated than Dublin, but the city itself is just as beautiful, vibrant, and deliciously interesting as the Irish capital. St Patrick’s Street, arguably the heart of the city, offers tons of amazing shops, a mix of old and new architecture, and sweeping views along the River Lee. 

  1. Have Lunch at O’flynn’s Gourmet Sausages

If you’re in Cork City and looking for a quick bite to eat then, a really nice place to go would be O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausages on Winthrop Street.

Their hot dogs are absolutely delicious. Think handmade Cork pork sausages, a great choice of hot and spicy sauces, accompanied by some tasty wedges. View Profile

  1. Go to the Triskel Arts Centre

Triskel Arts Centre is one of the most interesting places to visit in Cork city. The centre has been transformed from an old church to a place consisting of a space for presentation and one for exhibits and also an art gallery.

The venue often hosts various events and concerts, including the Cork Film Festival and lots of local bands musicians musical events, so make sure to research in advance what’s going on before you go and get your hands on some tickets. View Profile

  1. St. Anne’s Church

This church is gorgeous and also offers visitors one of the best views in Cork. Climb the tower, and take in the awesome birds-eye-view of Cork from above. With the beautiful River Lee cutting through the town, it’s a really beautiful panorama. View Profile

  1. Visit the Seals near Garnish Island

Garnish Island near Glengarriff is one of the most interesting places to visit in Cork. Situated in a protected part of Bantry Bay, the island has a unique climate unlike anywhere else in Ireland. Here you will find exotic plant life not normally found in Ireland, plants that flourish due to the sheltered nature of the harbour and the effects of the warm gulf stream which pass by the island.

On the ferry ride to the island you will stop by the famous seal island, home to several friendly (and very loud!) fur seals!. View Profile

  1. Visit the Fota Wildlife Park

Fota Wildlife Park is located near Cork and is absolutely awesome. It is one of the country’s top attractions. Fota contains animals that roam freely through its grounds so you shouldn’t be surprised to see a kangaroo, flamingo, or zebra stroll across your path. The Park also contains more dangerous animals behind barriers which means you can say hello to lions, rhinos, and more. View Profile

  1. Give Food to the Ducks at the Lough

Another exciting thing to do within walking distance of the city is feeding, or simply observing, the ducks up at The Lough has been an age-old tradition in Cork, especially among locals from the area. View Profile

  1. Go to the Blackrock Castle Observatory

Blackrock Observatory is one of the best attractions in Cork City. This incredible castle turned stargazing observatory is both stunning to look at it from the inside and out.

If you’re not interested in space or the stars, you can go for a lovely walk near the castle and finish up in the castle cafe which serves up some delicious home cooked cork treats. View Profile

  1. Learn about History at the National Monument

To learn more about the city and Ireland in general, go to the National monument in Cork.

The Monument commemorates Irish revolutionary heroes from the rebellions of 1798, 1803, 1848, and 1867. It is a must-see for anyone interested by Irish history.

  1.  Eat at the Ballymaloe House

Ballymaloe House is one of Ireland’s most famous cookery schools and they serve delicious food. Enjoy a walk around the beautiful house on sunny days and relax in that cozy environment. View Profile

  1. Have a Drink in Clonakilty Distillery School

Visitors to Clonakilty should definitely indulge in good Irish gin. At the school, visitors are treated to a gin and tonic and learn how to distill their own bottle of gin—talk about unique souvenirs. View Profile

  1. Go to the Cork City Gaol

The beautiful Cork City Gaol contains vibrant stories of 19th-century prison life in Cork. Using lifelike wax figures and eerie sound effects, the Gaol does a good job of depicting just how stark things could be for its prisoners—many of whom were later put on prison ships to Australia. View Profile

  1. Cork Opera House

Cork Opera House has had a glorious history of both culture and architecture dating back to its inception in 1852 when it was first built on Anglesea Street to house the National Exhibition. As it was designed by the much celebrated architect Sir John Benson, the structure was deconstructed brick by brick to be rehoused on Emmet Place or as it was known then, Nelson Place. When first built this beautiful structure was known as the Athenaeum, after which it went through a number of n ame changes including the Munster Hall, The Great & Royal Opera House Company and, finally became known as Cork City’s beloved Cork Opera House in 1877. View Profile

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